Apply to Be on the Friends of MADACC Board of Directors!

Are you looking for more ways to get involved in your community? Do you love animals? We have the perfect opportunity for you! Join the Friends of MADACC Board of Directors!

Friends of MADACC (Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting community awareness and improving the welfare of nearly 10,000 homeless and neglected animals MADACC cares for every year.

Friends of MADACC is managed by a volunteer board of directors and with the help of volunteers provides wellness programs that focus on helping low-income families keep their pets healthy; education programs that focus on educating the youth on the importance of treating their pet as a family member and resisting pressure to engage in acts of cruelty; and raises funds for the animals that come through MADACC. We also offer spay and neuter programs to help reduce the pet overpopulation in Milwaukee County.

Director of Outreach

Are you passionate about animal rescue and educating people on taking care of their furry family members? The Friends of MADACC board is looking for an enthusiastic and empathetic individual to help us make a difference in the community and to help to advance our mission to keep pets happy and healthy in their current homes. The Outreach Director is responsible for:

  • Schedule and manage 4 Community Pet Clinics
  • Responsible for implementing community outreach programs (e.g. pet food donations, transportation for spay/neuter programs)
  • Lead Outreach Crew volunteer committee, hosting monthly or bi-monthly meetings, coordinating with Volunteer Director specific volunteer needs
  • Manage outreach information and training (e.g. basic pet behavior training, community resource sheets, interact with the community at events hosted by FOM or other community organizations)
  • Monitor and reply to spay and neuter requests sent to FOM, working with the staff at MADACC to implement the s/n voucher program, low-cost community pet clinics
  • Partner with the marketing and communications director(s) to distribute outreach materials, both online and in-person
  • Willingness to learn about animal welfare best practices, work with the community in a welcoming, compassionate and understanding way

If committing to the board of directors is too much right now for your schedule we have opportunities to volunteer on different committees.

Click here to learn more about committee work and other volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer with Friends of MADACC and help local animals!

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