Pet Clinics

Community Pet Clinics

Friends of MADACC is committed to bringing critical pet care services such as core vaccinations, including rabies and distemper (combo), and microchipping, at a low-cost to those in underserved areas of Milwaukee County through our quarterly Community Pet Clinics. The following low-cost core vaccines/services are provided:

  • $5 Distemper shots
  • $5 Rabies shots
  • $20 Microchipping
  • $12 Pet Licensing
  • Free Nail Trims
  • Spray/Neuter Vouchers for cats and pit bulls

Our next Community Pet Clinic:
Saturday, November 20th

Bay View Community Center
1320 E Oklahoma Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53207

Cash Only!
Free food for dogs, cats, and humans!

If you have any questions regarding the Community Pet Clinics, please contact us at We kindly ask that you do not contact the venue where the Community Pet Clinics (when not held at MADACC) are held with inquiries.

Microchips at MADACC

MADACC encourages all pet owners to microchip their pets. MADACC provides this service low-cost for $25, which includes registration. Microchipping pets is a simple, inexpensive way to permanently identify your pet and provides less chance that someone will steal your pet and leave you with no way to positively identify and prove ownership of your animal.  All animals that enter MADACC are scanned for a microchip.

To qualify for the Spay and Neuter service, you must:

– Live in Milwaukee County

Please remember that we provide this service for only a limited number of individuals per year, and cannot guarantee that you will qualify for this service. If you’d like to submit a request, please email