Friends of MADACC Elects New President

For Immediate Release

Milwaukee, WI (April 17, 2019) – Friends of Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission (MADACC) announced today that its Board of Directors has appointed Kelly Oyler as the new President effective February 20, 2019. Oyler previously held the position of Outreach Director for Friends of MADACC since 2016.

“The Friends of MADACC Board of Directors is very excited to have Kelly Oyler as our new board president after many years of service as our Outreach Director,” said Alison Tweddell, Treasurer of Friends of MADACC. “We believe her years of experience in animal welfare will allow Friends of MADACC to help more animals than ever before. We cannot wait to see how her positive leadership will benefit the animals of Milwaukee County.”

Since joining the board, Oyler has doubled the amount of neighborhood shot clinics offered by Friends of MADACC, has integrated the “Pets for Life” philosophy into the organization’s culture and has worked to significantly increase the number of surgeries performed through the Friends of MADACC free spay & neuter program. Oyler began her journey in animal welfare nearly 20 years ago and in that time has volunteered for the Dane County Humane Society, San Diego Humane Society, Petco Foundation, San Antonio Animal Care Services, San Antonio Pets Alive, Animal Defense League and Milwaukee Area Domestic Animal Control Commission. Additionally, Oyler is currently the Senior Manager of Insurable Risk for Walgreens Boots Alliance (WBA), a global Fortune 20 Company. Oyler’s responsibility as the leader of the WBA U.S. Insurable Risk function includes overseeing all first party and third-party claims and lawsuits nationwide, as well as leading the risk management and insurance corporate strategy development and execution.

“I am honored to have been elected as Friends of MADACC’s President,” Oyler said. “It is a privilege to be a part of a leadership team that fervently inspires others to help animals, develops incredibly creative campaigns, and works entirely based on love for the cause. I am motivated by my fellow board members, our volunteers, committee members, community partners and sponsors, as well as our many success stories shared by our followers on social media. I will do my best to serve in this role by helping our leaders build strong relationships with MADACC and within the community, focusing on saving and enriching the lives of MADACC animals, and growing our focus on neighborhood programs to help people and their pets stay together.”

“I was thrilled when I heard that Ms. Oyler was voted President of Friends of MADACC (FOM),” said Karen Sparapani, Executive Director of MADACC. “FOM has had a history of strong and passionate leadership and Ms. Oyler is certainly no exception. I have already worked with her on several successful endeavors and find her dedication and enthusiasm to the animals, and the residents who love them, in our community truly inspiring.”

With the most recent changes in leadership, the Friends of MADACC Board of Directors consists of Oyler; Alison Tweddell, Treasurer; Kerry Hoey, Secretary; Cassidy Davis, Marketing; Jackie Wells, Fundraising; Jessica Rasmussen, Fundraising; Kelsey Burazin, Volunteering; and Lauren Dewey, Merchandising. Meghan Marciniak, Fundraising, will be leaving the organization at the end of April. Friends of MADACC is currently searching for additional talent in marketing, volunteering, finance/accounting and outreach. Learn more.