Friends of MADACC Funds MADACC Outdoor Play Yard Project

In 2016, Friends of MADACC funded the MADACC outdoor play yard renovation. The original outdoor space had a small gravel play yard that required significant improvements. The new outdoor play area includes a newly constructed concrete play yard, which doubled in size compared to the previous area and utilized all of the outdoor space MADACC had. In addition, a permanent shade structure was installed for the comfort of the animals and volunteers during sunny days. The full cost of the project was $43,000 that we were able to fund through fundraising and our generous donors.

We believe that the construction of the new play yard was a vital improvement. The play area provides a comfortable and safe environment for the dogs at MADACC to engage in group play time, while learning vital socialization skills and possibly a few tricks. Socialization, group play time, and training will increase the likelihood of adoption. In addition, the outdoor space will be utilized for our Pit Bull Proud summer adoption events.

MADACC Outdoor Play Yard