Pet Theft Awareness Day

Pet Theft Awareness Day is a day that encourages those with pets to take steps to ensure the animal’s security and their own peace of mind because the scary truth is that almost 2 million pets are stolen annually in America alone.

In honor of National Pet Theft Awareness Day, here are a few quick tips and some helpful information to keep your fluffy Valentine safe!

Pet Theft Do’s and Don’ts

DO provide your pets with collars, I.D. tags, licenses and microchipping.
DO spay and neuter your animals. Fixed animals are less likely to stray.
DO walk your dog on a leash.
DO keep cats strictly indoors. Indoor cats live safer, longer, healthier lives.
DO keep your dog indoors, especially when you’re not home.

DON’T leave animals unattended in your yard. It only takes a few seconds for thieves to take them.
DON’T tie your dog up outside of restaurants, coffee shops or stores, and never leave any animal unattended in a car.
DON’T use “free to good home” ads to place your companion animal. If you can no longer care for your pet, contact the Wisconsin Humane Society or MADACC for help.

February is National Spay and Neuter Awareness Month and Friends of MADACC has been sharing the many health and behavioral benefits of the low-risk procedure. Another perk? Spayed or neutered pets are much less desirable to thieves since they can’t be bred.

Microchip your pet. It only takes a second for a thief to remove your pet’s collar, making them very difficult to identify should they turn up at an animal shelter or hospital. Quick and painless, microchipping your pet is extremely important to ensure that you and your pet are reunited. Friends of MADACC offers $20 microchipping at our Community Pet Clinics throughout the year and MADACC offers this service year-round.

Although purebreds and small dogs are the most desirable to a thief for obvious reasons, big friendly dogs or mixed breeds can be just as easily lured into a get-away car waiting nearby.

If you think your pet was stolen:

  • Immediately file a report with your local police department.
  • Contact your pet’s microchip company, as well as local animal shelters and hospitals to see if your pet has turned up.
  • Post fliers within a 1-mile radius of where the pet was last seen and around your neighborhood in as many locations as possible.
  • If you offer a reward, ask for a very detailed description of your pet and how they came into that person’s possession. If you suspect that you are being scammed, call the police.
  • Monitor newspaper ads and online postings of animals for sale to look for any that might fit your pet’s description.

For additional information on lost/found pets, click here.

Friends of MADACC Objectives

1. Reduce intake to MADACC.

2. Increase adoptions from MADACC.

3. Provide an enriching environment for the animals during their stay at MADACC.

4. Provide pet owners in Milwaukee County with supplies and services to keep their pets healthy and happy.